Oct 22, 2007

The Art of Courage

What is between knowing absolutely and being uncertain? Is there anything in between wanting and claiming? Is there a middle ground between surviving and living? Is there a way to explore that small chasm that often seems to be the most insurmountable obstacle that any of us would have to face?

At first glance there appears to be nothing. That it is easily a black or white issue that leaves no room for gray; either you know or you don't. Yet I wonder what it takes to get from one side to the other as that in-between place is where I most often find myself. In that place where I can feel a knowing in myself, knowing that it is me. Yet, even feeling the knowing, getting to the place where I can stand in the knowing and not let even the lightest breeze blow me over is a constant challenge. So what is it that moves me from one side to the other? What is it that will keep me moving, growing, seeking that stance of knowing absolutely?

Although I don't think I'd even be seeking answers, seeking that mysterious stance of knowing that is rooted in truth and reaches for the expanding force of Love if there wasn't the deep desire to know the truth of who I really am. It takes courage to take a step towards what you really want, towards the unmistakable unshakable knowing that reaches out and gently touches you, speaks to you, purrs in your ear, lightly brushes a cheek, breathes it's warm breath on your heart, and beats through all the fibers that make up your Self. Courage is what bridges one side to the other, creating a road into the shadows and depths that make up the whole.

Another way to look at it is that courage is a choice. It may take courage to get from one side to the other but to even take a step on the bridge requires a choice. A choice to move forward, to put one foot in front of the other, to let go of those things that won't fit on the bridge so you can get to the other side. It's a choice to see where you are going and make a move towards that place, even if seeing means just feeling your way through the darkness. If courage is the bridge, choice is the movement on the bridge. Remember that when you find yourself in the middle, all you have to do is decide what you want and make a move in that direction.

Writing Exercises:

1. Examine where you are in your own life right now. What is calling to you to hear it? What is tugging on your arm for you to see it? Set a timer for 10 minutes and free write your answers.

2. Write a short story about a time in your life when you walked the bridge of courage and what the results were.

3. To get from where you are right now to where you want to be what would you have to let go of? How would your life be different?

Happy Writing!