Oct 30, 2007


I'm late posting this week because I have been searching for what I really want to say. So much going on, so much moving around, so much to consider. And ultimately I put way to much energy into what the world will think about what I post in this place. So, I'm just going to write and whatever comes out is what it is. And maybe, just maybe, this purge of sorts that is necessary for me to move on to the next thing.

What do you do when everything you want
lands squarely in your lap;
when the world at large bends over and screams "YES!"
at the slightest acknowledgment of what you want?

How will you stand with all that?
Will you let it knock you over
and blow you away or
will it simply blow as you stand with it
feeling the knowing of what you want revealing itself to you?

Do you have the courage to own what it is that you want,
never tripping over the pieces of what you don't
as they simply start falling away?
Are you willing to rise to the occasion
engulfing yourself in the wild task of living?

Hold this place close to your heart, your ears.
Listen to the rustling movement of Love
that sings in the in-between places.

Do you have the strength to let go of the despair
when it tangles itself in your hair,
pulling at the roots of your life
because it's own is so fleeting?

Do you have the courage to grasp on to the letting go
like it's a life raft maintaining a float
that will save you from the seductive under toe?

Where do you turn in the unending spin of creation,
shooting life from your fingertips
putting everything in motion and
logging all hours into this one big project - your life?

When is it enough to sit in the tallest tree
and just breathe,
just taking in all that is around and
really feeling the depth of being?

When is it enough to just be who you are
even in the most dangerous of moments
and see how incredibly you are loved?

When am I enough, just as I am,
creating my world with all its foibles and fallacies
and underlying truths;
how do I transform what I've been into what I am?

What if I am enough just as I am,
sitting quietly in the grove of Pine trees,
earth covered in a blanket of dried needles,
echoing quietly the soft movements of breeze, cricket and gull?

What if everything that I've worked for, prayed for, longed for
is right here in front of me,
sitting in my lap holding my hand,
breathing on my heart?

What if I am completely embraced
by these things that have felt so elusive,
that I could never have and refused the acknowledgment of for so long?

What if that soft whisper in my ear
is Me
speaking everything I know,
letting me hear my own voice with the flavor of Love?

And what if I simply Am?