Mar 25, 2010

New Poetry

I Told You So
by StarShield Lortie

i told you when we started this
i wouldn't be able to finish
i'm not pretty or smart enough
or have the right skills.

I told you it would all fall apart
and there would be nothing left
but a pile of bitter dusty ashes
scattering on the wind.

i told you i wasn't strong enough
that these things you call appendages
make no sense to me
and all i would do is fail.

i told you the best i could give you
is the middle of the road
that i would just stop trying
lie down and give up.

and here we are
smack in the middle
and all i have left is
i told you so.

I never said
you would know left from right
only that direction would be revealed
and here you are.

I never said there would be an end,
a stopping place or destination,
only that the journey unfolds
presently before you.

I never doubted
your ability to move,
to lean forward and make a choice,
and embrace the knowledge along the way.

I never questioned the strength of you
or your desire to reach for the truth
as it illuminates each moment
fully in front of you.

And I gave you the most magical gift
what you call giving up
to teach you the how
of letting go.

Lie down on the soft earth
clover thick between your bare toes
and unfurl yourself beyond
I told you so.