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Sacred Writer Coaching
Stretch, Risk, Reach, Claim, Move, Fly

We are all Sacred Writers. We are all born with the gift of putting pen to paper, giving movement and structure to that which is held so dear. No matter the arrangement of words, phrases and punctuation, there is an inherent relationship with the Divine that guides the pen across the paper. Cultivating that relationship simply requires space and attention.

A simple writing practice can open doors and clarify personal truth. Sacred Writer Coaching offers a safe space to explore deeper and move at the speed of You. We will work together using different writing tools to create a bridge to your heart so you can learn to follow where ever it is leading you. You set the direction, we walk together.

Coaching sessions are designed to:
*nurture the authentic voice within and clarify the road that voice chooses to travel.
*explore the sense of the sacred through writing.
*get in touch with the personal story.
*clarify the hearts voice in any written piece.
*illuminate truths hidden just below the surface.
*shake loose the threads of doubt and crack open the stores of wild beauty longing for their freedom.

Learn to trust your Brilliant Creative Self, exercise your natural ability to choose Love instead of fear and inspire You.

In-person appointments available in Nashville, TN.
Phone appointments also available.
Session Fee: $65

Writing Your Passion
4-Week Self-Paced Online Course

This 4-week online home-study course is designed to uncover personal passion, claim the pieces of that dream and begin building a bridge to manifest the hearts deepest desires. Using writing as the road of discovery, participants will open the door to their passion and walk away with a new understanding and a hand-written script of their dreams.

Course fee: $45

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