Voices In My Heart is a collection of sacred poetry born from my extremely personal journey of self-discovery.  Each title explores a truth at the heart of my soul as I take one small step after another.  Although the journey is far from over, this collection explores the first steps on what is sure to be a magical unfolding.

Published through Pure Heart Press, this volume is much bigger than it's slim 41 pages. Please note with your order if you'd like the copy autographed by the author, and if so, to whom.

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 Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, Stories, Essays and Poems by Writers Living in and Inspired by the Southern Appalachian Mountains, published by Winding Path Publishing. Edited by Nancy Simpson

I am honored to be a contributing author to this anthology with an essay titled A Walk In The Dark.  All proceeds from the sale of this beautiful volume go to support the North Carolina Writers Network West.  Purchase your copy by clicking the link below!

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Graceful Storm is a collection of poems exploring my ability to trust my own journey, especially in those times when it doesn't make any sense, when I can't see 3 inches in front of me and when giving up seems like the only answer. It explores the understanding that darkness is simply the absence of illumination. Graceful Storm will be published December 2010, just in time for Christmas! Pre-order your copy now by clicking the link below.  Cover art coming soon!

Graceful Storm
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