Mar 21, 2011

StarShield is Dreaming of Jaguars

I had a dream recently, the symbols floating through like memories. Maybe it was really a memory of a life I've lived before, woken and brought into focus. It wasn't specific events, a story unfolding and pointing me to something, a journey, yet it was a specific place and moment. This was more a feeling, a feeling of who I am, being revealed a breath at a time, the images burned into the back of my eyelids. I'm a little afraid I made it all up, that if I blink too much they will vanish. I am changed by this I am sure if for nothing else I feel I now speak fluent Jaguar. I journaled for almost an hour when I woke, the words feeling wholly inadequate to the experience, yet a necessary movement, expression, of what I know. Here is a small exerpt from that journaling experience as its necessary to move it out into the world.

I Have A Dream

I am on a mountain
thick with leafy trees
warm air, thick forest sounds.
I am teaching in a village
Jaguars abound.

I am happy
I am Loved
I am living my freedom.

I feel my relationship with the Earth.
I am expression of the Dream on Earth.
I am living my purpose here.

Jungle, villagers, dancing,
sweet smells, Joy.
I am at peace
I am at peace
I am at peace.

I am in a small dwelling
at the edge of a round clearing
I am with a man.
We trek, hike, explore, enjoy this place.
He supports my teaching,
my desire to share what I know.

I am teaching.
I am teaching children.
I am saying prayers where ancient people said prayers.
I live in sacred connection and relationship.
I am imprinting the grid with Love.
I am compassion.
I am at peace.

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