Jul 25, 2011

Untitled Poem Inspired by The Sun Magazine

I received the August 2011 issue of The Sun yesterday and saw the attached picture on the contents page and simply could not let it pass. I also could not stop looking at the picture, feeling it stirring me. So I sat and wrote. This is what came out of that. No name yet, and I'm not at all sure it's finished, but it's done for now. Sometimes it's just more important to follow the thread than for it to make any kind of literal sense at all. Enjoy! Photo by Edis Jurcys (www.edisphoto.com)

(NOTE: the attached image quality is poor. my scanner is not working and i couldn't find it on the web anywhere so i took a photo with my phone and emailed it to myself. i suggest picking up a copy of the august 2011 issue of the sun to experience full impact of the photo.)


The Winds let loose
their Mystery
as I watched threads of silvery light
dance tremulously with the mist.

I lay there
parted lips soft with curiosity
as knowledge curls its way up,
prayers of visible breath.
The Winds turning us all toward Source.

Then the Moon spoke
voice ancient with illumination,
vibration palpitating my cheeks.
A breath in and I am cracked open,
exhale and I am something new.

The Earth shimmered
and became soft under my hips and heels,
caressing me with her feathery fingers.
They all moved as one
and I, along with them,
realized the moment,
the connection, the oneness.

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